Technical Cutting
Stylist Program

Course Outline

  • Correct draping procedures, PH Scale, Product knowledge, massage, techniques for scalp & shoulders
  • Ingredients of products
  • Method of retailing
  • Brushing techniques, scalp manipulations
  • Appropriate Conditioners and Treatments
  • Abnormal conditions of hair and scalp
  • Proper product and application
  • Use of proper scissors, razor, thinning shears, clippers, timmers and balder
  • Use of professional blow dryers, flatirons. Special techniques applicable for their use in a modern salon.
  • Dry & wet hair cutting, techniques as applied to current hairstyles: long, short, clipper, scissor over comb
  • Edging, flat top
  • Different angles of cutting in relation to shape of head
  • Beard and moustache designs, trimming
  • Knowledge of facial and scalp hair
  • Cleaning and servicing hair pieces and safety measures
  • Work experiences (80 hrs)
  • Basic Knowledge of history and how it helped distinguish the industry
  • Common Hair & Scalp Disorders, related treatments
  • Cycle of human hair, growth pattern of hair, structure of hair
  • Principles of Elementary Chemistry
  • Growth, structure and reproduction of living organisms

Course Fees and Costs for Technical Cutting



(A non-refundable deposit of $300.00 must be submitted upon registration. This deposit is deducted from your tuition costs)

Kits & Lab Training


Plus $500 to $800′ Lab Training Registration.

  • 5 Mannequins
  • 1 carry all kit which contains necessary combs, brushes, diffuser, clips, 2 pairs of scissors, feather razor texturizer, curling iron, cape, clippers and more

NOTE: All items in the kit become the personal property of the students therefore, the student will take these articles with them upon completion of the course.

Related Costs

In addition to the course fees listed above, all students must also pay the following:

Government Fee: $70.00 
Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick Fees: $280.00

NOTE: None of the above fees are subject to HST. All prices are subject to change.

Duration of the Course

This course takes approximately 30 weeks to complete. Applications are processed on a “first in” basis, so be certain we receive your completed application form as soon as possible.

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